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Dan Olson: “Our data is valuable to these tech giants. The fact that they have access to like, millions of points of reference in order to construct their models out of and to then sell those models to vendors, that’s what’s valuable. Your individual contribution to that is fractions of a cent of value. There’s this core problem of your data is being sold. And the answer to that is not, well, what if you could individually sell your data?”

MR Pai in 1970 on why he opposed socialism: “First, socialism cannot solve our problem of poverty. With socialism, India would slide from poverty to pauperism. Second, it would lead to the destruction of individual liberties. Our democratic constitution would disintegrate under the pressure of socialist policies. Third, socialism would result in glaring inequalities between the rulers and ruled and lead the country away from the path of social justice. Finally, it would come in the way of India’s greatness while destroying her noble traditions.”

China’s Version of Email Marketing, via a16z: “Low email penetration, combined with data privacy practices, forced Chinese brands to find an alternative engagement strategy. The solution was private traffic, an umbrella term for various forms of digital brand outreach that are much more personalized than the one-to-many, one-way email marketing model we’re used to. The traffic is “private” because brands fully own the channels where they communicate with customers and can contact those customers anytime, as opposed to conversations transpiring on third-party sites (like Instagram and TikTok). Popular forms include customer group chats; one-on-one messaging chats; shopping groups on the retail marketplace Taobao; a brand’s own store, website, or app; and brand mini-programs, which are third-party app-like experiences that live inside WeChat and don’t require customers to download anything.”

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