MarTech 360 Interview

My interview with Rohan Jagan. An excerpt:

How do you envisage Customer Engagement evolving in the years to come?

The future is about omnichannel personalisation. For this, brands need to have a unified view of their customers – which means a complete and integrated stack rather than a stack stitched together from various point solutions. Next, there is a need for an external team that extends the brand team to ensure delivery of KPIs. This needs a shift in thinking from product-only to progeny. Third, brands will need to build a hotline to their existing customers – because if customers don’t listen to brand messages, they will not come back to the brand properties. Thus, they need to shift focus upstream from transactions to attention and engagement. This is where Netcore is introducing innovations like Email 2.0, which compromise of Atomic Rewards (gamification), Interactive Emails (AMP), Informative Emails (ems) and  Hooked Score.

Tomorrow’s world of customer engagement will be driven by a very important premise: To get customers to pay attention, pay them for their attention (else you will pay Google and Facebook 100X more for them).

What 3 things that business owners can do to optimize their digital outreach?

I think of this as the 3 Ps – pipe, partitioning and prospecting. The pipe is about building a hotline to existing customers (winning attention, driving engagement, creating habits). Partitioning is about using the Best-Rest-Test framework to segment customers based on CL (customer lifetime value), and then creating a separate SBU for Best Customers because these 20% customers account for 60% of revenue and 200% of profits. Prospecting is about using acquiring Next customers like the Best – via referrals and smart targeting on adtech platforms. Doing this will help brands increase revenues, reduce “adwaste” in marketing, and increase profitability.


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