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Daniel Pink on the fore “core regrets”: “Foundation regrets. Failures to be responsible, conscientious or prudent. Boldness regrets. The chances we didn’t take. Moral regrets. Deceiving, cheating, swindling, bullying. Connection regrets. Fractured, unrealised or neglected relationships.”

Thomas Sowell: “Seldom do people think things through foolishly. More often, they do not bother to think things through at all, so that even highly intelligent individuals can reach untenable conclusions because their brainpower means little if it is not deployed and applied.” [via CafeHayek]

WSJ: “Any experience offers “an opportunity to learn and grow if you choose to look for the lesson,” Mr. Novak writes in his new book, “Take Charge of You,” which he co-authored with Jason Goldsmith, a golf coach. Today Mr. [David] Novak uses the case of Crystal Pepsi as a cautionary tale about hubris: “I was too in love with my own idea, and I moved too fast on it.” He suspects that if he had taken time to listen to feedback from doubters, the soda would still be on the market today. When he teaches leadership—in his podcast, online courses, or at the Novak Leadership Institute he endowed at the University of Missouri, his alma mater—Mr. Novak believes it is important to talk about missteps. “People know how you’ve gotten your success, but they don’t know how you failed along the way,” he says.”

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