Email 2.0: Making Email Cool Again (Part 3)


Netcore will be publishing its Email Benchmark Report 2022 soon. From the introduction:

2021 proved to be a continuation of 2020 in many respects. Just like everything else in our lives, email marketing went through an evolution.

Email marketing prevails as one of the most trusted channels at the marketer’s disposal to connect with customers, convert them into loyalists, and deliver on the bottom line. Email has taken big leaps and bounds in 2021 with interactivity, privacy, and multimedia.

Since the last two years of the global pandemic, email has transformed to become a crucial channel for personalized and conversational marketing. Providing a great customer experience through emails has been the preferred approach.

Email marketers reduced their frequency of emails but increased personalization, smart segmentation, and automation. We observed that marketers are becoming more AI-savvy as advanced technologies help to predict their needs, target audience, and make their job easier.

2021 was a year of growing awareness of user privacy, brand authenticity, nurturing customer relationships, and optimizing the customer experience. The traditional ways of marketing campaigns and sales pitches have no place in today’s digital-first marketing landscape.

The only way for you to have lasting success with your marketing programs is to keep up with these changing scenarios and master the email channel. In 2022, your email program needs to not only communicate but also create tailored experiences for your customers.

As user privacy becomes central with Apple’s MPP regulations, data attribution will become much deeper in 2022. Collecting zero-party data and analytics will become crucial for every experience-focused marketer in 2022.

Among the key metrics from the analysis of the emails:

  • Average open rate: 8%
  • Average click rate: 0.25%
  • Average click to open rate: 3%

In other words, for every 1000 emails, 800 of them are being ignored and just 25 emails are clicked through to the brand website or app. And these numbers are for the channel with the best RoI! Without their push messages being seen and acted on, it’s little wonder that brands, facing a serious attention recession problem, are pushed towards new customer acquisition. And yet, the focus for brands is on optimising acquisition and not building a better pipe. This is the biggest mistake being made by brands. By shifting budgets from adtech to martech (and Email 2.0), brands can reduce adwaste through a better hotline, ad targeting, personalisation and intent data. This is where Email 2.0 pioneered by Netcore comes in. Netcore’s enduring legacy of innovation, growth and relationships gives it a unique position to envision the future.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.