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Vice goes inside the metaverse real estate rush “Still in their early years, the virtual worlds have spawned true believers, hype artists, and complex economies in places like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and other metaverses, all of which are vying to become dominant players in the supposedly decentralized space. Virtual real estate companies are building music festival stages and Rodeo Drive–like digital neighborhoods; 3D architects are constructing villas and shopping malls; and digital landlords are renting out land to singers, artists, and NFT creators. Some enthusiasts go so far as to contend that digital land could serve as a wealth-generating replacement for the physical housing market that so many millennials and zoomers have been priced out of.”

strategy+business recommends a book on time management — “Four Thousand Weeks” by Oliver Burkeman: “Burkeman offers practical tips: spend the first hour of every day on the thing that matters most to you, work on no more than three things at once, and be careful to avoid not the things you don’t care about, but rather the things that you sort of care about, since they are the easiest things to waste time on. But the book’s real message is something deeper: recognize your limits, both in terms of how much you can do and how long it will take to do it, and cultivate what Burkeman calls an active, muscular patience. In German, the word Eigenzeit describes, in Burkeman’s words, “the time inherent to a process itself.” Whatever you choose to do, Burkeman suggests, you should surrender to its Eigenzeit rather than try to hurry things up.”

Mises: “Capitalism provides many with the opportunity to display initiative. While the rigidity of a status society enjoins on everybody the unvarying performance of routine and does not tolerate any deviation from traditional patterns of conduct, capitalism encourages the innovator. Profit is the prize of successful deviation from customary types of procedure; loss is the penalty of those who sluggishly cling to obsolete methods. The individual is free to show what he can do in a better way than other people.” [via CafeHayek]

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