Nayi Disha: A People’s Pipe for Prosperity (Part 2)

Past Writings – 1

Before we get to the discussion on the pipe, let’s understand the need for change and a Nayi Disha for India. Here’s a survey of my previous writings about Nayi Disha over the past 18 months.

The Revolution India Needs: “What India needs is a people united to create a bottom-up movement to dismantle the corrupt political party system and end the mai-baap Sarkar that pervades our lives. Only then will a new India rise — an  India not steeped in poverty but reaching out for riches, an India not divided by ancestral surnames but united in our individual diversity, an India not searching through history books for its lost glory but powering its way through entrepreneurship to future prosperity… What is needed is to elect a Lok Sabha of Independents – people selected through local primaries by unaffiliated Indian voters (who constitute two-thirds of the voters). These non-aligned and non-voters (NANV) have to create a coalition, connect digitally, communicate the ideas to each other and craft political change. They number 60 crore out of India’s 90 crore voters. Staying undecided till the end or abstaining from voting can no longer be the options. It is in the hands of this ‘silent majority’ that India’s future lies… Will our generation lead the revolution for our nation’s transformation? If not us, then who? If not now, when?”

Nations, Leaders and their Decisions: “India’s leaders failed on each of the five attributes of leadership. None of them prioritised economic growth and mass prosperity. None understood the roadmap to prosperity. None had the best talent in place around them. None had a sense of urgency. And on the fifth point, while many were good communicators, since there was no internal belief in reforms, none could communicate and persuade the people on the policies needed for growth…It needs one leader to change India’s economic trajectory. That leader has yet to emerge. The current system of Indian politics will not throw up such a leader. That is why we need a political revolution before the economic transformation can happen. Only through economic growth can we make a great nation. Will another generation be wasted? Or, can we, the people, unite to make that happen? The choice is ours.”

India needs a Debating Culture: “A revolution might sound disruptive and violent. It is not. Just as technology is helping us buy, learn, connect and communicate, it can help us change our nation. For this a few of us need to first understand that change is really needed. This is the job of political entrepreneurs. They have to change minds. Only then will the votes change… A debating culture can thus be one of the key pillars for building a better discourse, an open society and lead the political and economic revolution India needs.”

Circles: Starting the Indian Revolution: “If we had to start India’s political and economic revolution…it would be very important to bring people together and change minds – one at a time. For this, there would be a need for neighbourhood cells all across India with a dual purpose – creating the social infrastructure and an organised cadre…[We need] a national decentralised organisation of Circles and citizens who believe in a new vision of India and are willing to devote a few hours a week to make it happen.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.