Looking Back, Looking Forward (Part 3)

Memories and Writings

As the year ends and a new one is ready to begin, a mix of blurred memories flash by. My first flight in almost 19 months was in late August when I went to Delhi. Being featured in The Economist (in successive issues) for the Prashnam survey on Covid deaths. The many hippoBrain and MartechBrain conversations – until the first half of the year. The talk on Nayi Disha at Manthan. The joy of meeting friends in person. Reconnecting with a classmate from my MS program at Columbia University after 32 years and seeing how smoothly we picked up the threads. Completing the writing for my Proficorn book. Reading many good thrillers throughout the year. An Asimov immersion: reading the Foundation series, and watching the Apple TV series.

My blogging has continued. I started a “Thinks” series with 3 links daily. 365 posts through the year. Most of my writing this year was focused on marketing, especially after April. At times, when I re-read what I have written, I am surprised (in a positive way) and wonder: “Did I really write that?!” Most of the writing is done early in the morning – it is the time when the day has not yet brought forth its distractions, when everything is still quiet, when my mind is fresh and uncluttered. This is for the “flow” zone when the ideas and words just pour forth. Here are all my essays organised chronologically by section.





At about 500 words a day, this comes to 180,000 words of writing in a year.

I also did many interviews and talks through the year. Here is a list:

And finally, here are the top viewed pages in 2021:

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