Looking Back, Looking Forward (Part 2)

Martech and Netcore

In the past few months, I have been able to put a very good story around our vision and solutions. The “coming martech era” and the shift from adtech to martech 1.0 to martech 2.0 has been the focus of much of my recent writing on the blog. With each essay, I have developed greater clarity on how Netcore can help enterprises enrich the lives of their customers.

I have started speaking publicly a lot more on the transformations in martech. I have always sought out ideas for the future, and over the past few months these have come together very well. It is this virtuous cycle of thinking-writing-speaking-reading that I like very much. Every talk I give brings new questions which push me to make the story sharper. The writing also drives more reading. I am also excited about bringing the microns idea to life in a bigger way in the coming year.

Netcore is in the thick of the action. We have had a good year of growth. I marvel every time I see demos of our products and what’s coming. For Netcore, growth going forward will need to combine BAU (business as usual), buys (acquisitions) and breakthroughs. I hope we can script our own version of “exponential forever profitable growth”. We have the scale to look at an IPO in the near future, and lay the foundation to becoming an “enduring great company.” It has been a 25-year journey for us. For the first 10 years, we did not grow much; that changed once I replaced myself at the top. With each passing year, we are pushing for greater growth while maintaining the profitability that has made us a “proficorn”.

Looking ahead, I want us to learn from titans like Danaher and build a “Netcore Business System” that helps drive continuous improvements and an acquisitions factory that helps us accelerate growth and provide the full stack solutions that marketers need. Competition is increasing and I constantly think about how we can create a moat in our business to ensure the NRR (Net Revenue Retention) keeps rising. I have always believed that business is the equivalent of modern day warfare, albeit without the violence. Strategy is critical for success, and it needs to be matched with flawless execution. Getting the big decisions right is what will determine whether we can maintain and increase our 25% CAGR on price per share for another decade.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.