On Failures, Netcore in SE Asia, Attention Recession and Atomic Rewards

I wrote an essay for E27 on “Why failures are intrinsic to my success story“. The key point: “No failures feel good, but this succession of failures taught me my first most important lesson: if you want to achieve something big, you must first put aside your ego before you can become even more courageous in your pursuits.”

My interview with Martech Asia. Over the last 5-6 years we have expanded in South East Asia with a direct presence. The similarities between India and SEA have inspired our success here. In this interview with MarTech Asia, I spoke about Netcore Cloud’s journey in these regions. I also talked about my learnings as an entrepreneur which I think would be of interest to aspirational entrepreneurs today.

My podcast with Upendra Namburi (Pathbreakers). What is happening with consumer Attention in the context of brands? We are all undergoing the Attention Recession. In this podcast, I spoke about the secret sauce of capturing the consumer’s attention and retaining it for the long term.

I did a webinar on “Atomic Rewards in Email” for Netcore’s “For the Love of Emails” Thursdays.


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Rajesh Jain

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