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How to run Startup Boards: by Jerry Neumann. “n the case of boards of directors for VC-backed companies the advice is really skewed towards the positive, and while this is nicely optimistic, it doesn’t tell you what you need to know: boards are dangerous to you as the founder/CEO of your company.” [via Colossus Weekly]

Niti Aayog India Poverty report. The poorest states: Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Busines Standard: ” 27.9 per cent of India’s population were multidimensionally poor. The country ranked 62nd out of 109 nations on the index. This index was based on 10 indicators such as lack of improved drinking water, adequate nutrition or at least six years of schooling.”

Business Standard: “Less than 7 per cent of individuals in India pay income tax because most of the others—more than 1.25 billion people including children and elders—do not have incomes above the threshold of Rs 5 lakh a year. India’s per capita income is $2,191 according to IMF (2021), and Rs 1.28 lakh per year (per capita net national income at current prices) according to official statistics … In India, as of October 2021, only 99 million lives were covered under life and group life insurance policies. (The number of policies is lower than the number of lives covered as a single policy can cover multiple lives for instance a family of dependents). For such a vital financial product, less than 8 per cent Indians are covered for life … There are 50 million unique investor accounts registered with the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as of mid-2021.”

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