Thinks 324 on the importance of a subscription model: “Compounding growth of customer relationships is what makes subscription revenue models so powerful. Long-term subscribers become more valuable to your business. Revenue flows linearly from marketing to sales and finance in a traditional business model. However, subscription businesses have cyclical income. Subscription models allow businesses to lock customers in for an extended time. In a long-term relationship, companies can modify their products and services to meet customers’ needs and grow with them.”

The Limits of Democracy: “Democracy may be the best form of governance available to us, but it can easily yield suboptimal outcomes. That is especially true with a progressive ideology, a populism focused on restricting trade, good intentions captured by special interests, or idolatry toward the state. Democracy, to be socially viable, must be bounded by what F. A. Hayek (1960) called “a constitution of liberty.” Without limited government—with effective levels of federalism, an independent judiciary, and a constitution that promotes liberty—the mixed blessing of democracy can become a dog’s breakfast of inefficiency, corruption, incompetence, and injustice.”

The Economic Mentality of Nations: “In virtually every country there are people who passionately defend free markets, while others have very interventionist mentalities…To measure popular attitudes toward economic values, we have created the Global Index of Economic Mentality (GIEM).”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.