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David Robertson: “We’re often told there are only two ways to innovate, the first being making our current products better. But we’re also told that if this is all we do, our competitors will catch up — we need more revolutionary innovation. We need to disrupt ourselves before someone else does. We’re often given examples like Apple, Uber, Airbnb and Tesla. However, I work on a third way to innovation — this starts with realising you may have a great product but that might not be enough…In the third way to innovation, a company realises a great product is just the start — there is a lot more you can do for your customers to get more value from the product. This is important if you have customers who depend on what you make. Then, you can’t only focus on disruptive innovation because that can leave those customers behind. You’ve got to think of how to innovate around the product.”

Shane Parish: “We spend hours consuming news because we want to be informed. The problem is news doesn’t make us informed. In fact, the more news we consume the more misinformed we become…Can you do something different? I think so. Part of the answer is to spend less time consuming and more time thinking. The other part is to change your information sources from the news. Seek out dense sources of information. Some indicators you’ve found them are timeless content and direct first-hand experience. This means fewer articles and more books. If you must read the news, read it for the facts and the data, not the opinions.”

Winifred Gallagher: “Few things are as important to your quality of life as your choices about how to spend the precious resource of your free time.” [via Shane Parish]

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