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Ram Charan and Shalil Gupta on the value of an advisory cabinet for business growth: “It is a group of 4-6 subject-matter experts, who through a structured programme engage with external advisors, acting as a sounding board for directors, owners and other stakeholders to gain new insights and advice to explore untapped opportunities and solve business problems by stimulating quality conversations for strategic overview. Thus, the cabinet guides the leadership on the company vision, innovation, risk management and profitability, necessarily including the internationalization, platformization and scalability of business, apart from identifying and increasing talent, funding leadership and influencing customer networks.”

Girish Kuber on India’s elections: “It needs to be said that in our “first-past-the-post” system, the opposition never wins. It is the ruling party that loses. And by virtue of the rulers’ loss, the opposition gets a chance to lead. Our electoral history since 1951-52, when the first elections took place in independent India, will prove this often-overlooked fact. There is hardly an election which the opposition “won”. This negates the need to present a challenger to the ruler even before elections are held. It is always the electoral outcome that throws up the alternative.”

Cato’s Economic Freedom of the World: 2021 Annual Report. It is for the year 2019. India ranks 108.

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