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Economist: “DeFi is one of three tech trends disrupting finance. Tech “platform” firms are muscling in on payments and banks. Governments are launching digital currencies, or govcoins.”

ET on the NSS survey: “Half of India’s physical and financial assets belong to the richest 10 percent of its people while the bottom 50 percent of the population owns less than 10 percent assets.”

Atanu Dey quotes Elon Musk: “There are a few things I’d recommend which is keep laws short. With long laws it’s like there’s something suspicious going on. If the size of the law exceeds the word count of Lord of the Rings then it’s like something’s wrong. So there should be a limit to the size of the law. That you should be able to digest…It should be easier to remove a law than to create one. Maybe 60 percent or more votes should be required to make a new law but any number above 40 percent to remove a law. Otherwise laws just accumulate over time. You get hardening of the arteries of civilization with lots of rules. Rules should be just easier to get rid of than to put one in. Maybe they should even have some kind of sunset clause so that they just automatically expire unless there’s enough of an impetus to keep them around.”

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