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Jason Lemkin: “The average public SaaS company has ~36,000 customers. That goes up to 85,000 for public SaaS companies that mainly sell to SMBs, i.e., with ACVs < $10k. It’s right around 13,000 for public SaaS companies that sell mid-market deals ($10k-$100k), probably why we see so many “lower-end” solution sale SaaS companies IPO around 10k customers. It’s a bit more than 1,500 for true enterprise SaaS companies ($100k+ ACV)…This isn’t magic math. If you know your ACV, you’ll know how many customers you need to get to $10m, $20m, $50m, $100m ARR.”

What You’ve Lost in This Bull Market: from WSJ. “Investors who no longer fear their bets could explode are seeking out risks they don’t have to take…One of the most valuable assets erased by this bull market is the distinction between risk taking and risk seeking. You can’t invest at all without taking any risk.”

Vivan Marwaha: “Indian millennials are currently on the defensive, trying to find their footing in an economy which is not creating enough jobs but with constant increases in the cost of living. As a result, they are fighting from the backfoot, instead of taking advantage of the 21st century economy and world order. This is a vicious cycle, where precious time is being spent on trying to secure basic necessities instead of unlocking maximum potential and seizing the future. If these conditions persist, it will become difficult for India to capitalise on its youthful demographic, called its demographic dividend, and become a $10-trillion economy. Economic anxiety has outsized consequences which can stifle the growth and potential of an entire generation. We must not allow that to happen.”

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