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Andrew Chen on investing in gaming: “You quickly see that if you’re a kid, one of the first things you do is spend all your time playing with your friends in Roblox. You use it like a social network. You hang out with your friends there and talk with them. You build a persistent identity. You might play Roblox and Minecraft and Fortnite and some of these other games for years before you’re allowed to have a “social network” account. Even though that’s really your social network. I’ve become interested in that, the idea that these multiplayer game experiences are the next social networks. That’s been a key part of my thesis.”

NYT: “My Secret Weapon Against the Attention Economy: When you reread the same poem over and over again, you stop scrolling along the surface and dive deep beneath it… I’d like to think that this practice of sustained concentration can also nurture human connection by encouraging the intimacy of attention. Maybe we can learn to read one another the way we read poetry, listening closely to the music we all make.

Thomas Sowell: “[O]ne crucial difference between ballots and prices is that prices convey effective knowledge of inherent constraints, while ballots do not. If I desire a Rolls Royce and simultaneously a normal standard of living, the price tag on the automobile immediately informs, convinces, and virtually coerces me to the conclusion that these two things are inconsistent. But if I believe simultaneously in a large military arsenal, low taxes, a balanced budget, and massive social programs, there are no constraints on my voting that way.” [via CafeHayek]

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