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Email Marketing’s Next Secret Weapon:  Loyalty Programs: by Chris Marriott. “How can the email marketing team use the loyalty program make its entire email program more effective?  Some of the questions to ask: Is the current loyalty program fully leveraging email marketing to engage with its members? Is the loyalty program gathering the right data about its members? Is it asking the right questions? Does the loyalty program database contain data that could be leveraged by the email marketing team? How can the email team turn subscribers into loyalty program members (and thus help themselves to more zero-party data!)? How can I use email to help create a more of a “want to stay in the relationship” loyalty program?”

Rajeev Mantri: “The case for economic freedom has wider acceptance today, because of the success of the liberalisation project. From 1992-2019, India’s per capita GDP grew at about 5% per annum, reaching $2152 (constant 2010 US dollars). The poverty headcount ratio had declined to 22.5% by 2011 – stated differently, about one in five Indians lived in poverty in 2011. By some estimates, this number has now declined below 10% by 2019. India has experienced an economic shock due to the global pandemic, but economic liberalisation has been an unqualified success in making India more prosperous…The Nehruvian idea of India is useful insofar as it offers a playbook for what not to do. A prosperous, harmonious and powerful India can be built by embracing markets in economic policy, placing primacy on individual rights for social policy, and resolutely upholding the national interest in foreign policy.”

The 6 Concepts You Should Know to Be Financially Literate: from WSJ. “Budgeting. Cash flow. Yield. FICO scores. Net worth. Equity.”

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