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Ben Thompson on Metaverses: “The key difference between the Internet and the metaverse is the idea of “presence”.” More from Vice. And this from Bloomberg via Business Standard: “Think of the metaverse as an immersive virtual world where people can spend time together and hang out, much like you can do today with virtual reality, dialed up to 11. You’ll be able to “teleport” between different experiences, Zuckerberg explained. It’s not a new concept—any number of dystopian sci-fi movies have been predicting this as the future for decades—and while the Facebook CEO has only recently started using the terminology publicly, it’s something Facebook has been building toward for years with investments in virtual and augmented reality.”  A Metaverse Primer by Matthew Ball. An interview with Mark Zuckerberg.

Greg Ip in WSJ: “Chinese leaders think manufacturing confers social benefits that market values don’t reflect. For decades, it has been how the country created jobs, raised productivity and disseminated essential skills and know-how. Now, to achieve parity with the West, they think China must be able to make the most advanced technology, and will use subsidies, protectionism and forced technology transfers to achieve that.”

Shane Parish: “Words are easy to say and hard to do. While your words are how you see yourself, your actions are how other people see you.”

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