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Metrics That Will Matter in Email Beyond 2021: by Tom Wozniak. “Click rate, conversion rate, revenue per email sent.”

The Beginning of Indefinite Economic Growth: by Atanu Dey. “Growth is just transformation of matter. And for our purposes — now and for billions of years hence — there is more matter in the universe than you can shake a stick at. The transformation of matter requires energy. There’s also more energy in the universe than you can sasa. What’s the secret ingredient for indefinite growth, you ask? Ideas!…For indefinite growth we need unlimited amounts of matter and energy. Which, as it happens, the universe supplies for free. And we need brains that have ideas. We have lots of brains, around 8 billion and growing. Not just growing in numbers, they are getting smarter as well. Which are also free.”

David Perell: “Your favorite writers don’t walk around with perfect ideas in their heads. Their minds are as messy as yours. But by writing, they separate good ideas from bad ones and clarify the best ones.”

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