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Oscar Cerezales on marketing: “My advice would be to stop thinking in ROI, return on investment, and start thinking in ROE, return on engagement. While ROI works well for some channels, such as email marketing or social media, the activation and study are complex in others, such as events. A well-designed ROE system should collect information from your virtual, in-person and hybrid activations in parallel, not in isolation, offering information on three dimensions: Involvement… reach, attention and attraction, Engagement… cognition, affection and relation, and Impact… interest, preference and advocacy.”

A WSJ investigation: How TikTok’s Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires

Why “Good” People Enable Totalitarians: by Barry Brownstein. “In the searing Soviet-era novel Life and Fate, Vasily Grossman reveals the mindset that supports totalitarianism, sparing neither fascism nor communism…Grossman explains how Stalin’s previous use of hatred assisted Germans: “At an earlier date, in the same regions, Stalin himself had mobilized the fury of the masses, whipping it up to the point of frenzy during the campaigns to liquidate the kulaks as a class and during the extermination of Trotskyist–Bukharinite degenerates and saboteurs.” The result of such campaigns is that “the majority of the population obey every order of the authorities as though hypnotized.” Yet, more is needed. In such a totalitarian atmosphere, Grossman writes, “There is a particular minority which actively helps to create the atmosphere of these campaigns: ideological fanatics; people who take a bloodthirsty delight in the misfortunes of others; and people who want to settle personal scores, to steal a man’s belongings or take over his flat or job.””


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