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WSJ on Gallium: “…Once an industrial-waste product, [it] is transforming our increasingly electrified world…A byproduct of extracting aluminum from rock, gallium has such a low melting temperature that it turns into a runny, silvery-white liquid when you hold it in your hand. On its own, it isn’t terribly useful. Combine it with nitrogen, to make gallium nitride, and it becomes a hard crystal with valuable properties. It shows up in laser sensors used in many self-driving cars, antennas that enable today’s fast cellular wireless networks, and, increasingly, in electronics critical to making renewable-energy harvesting more efficient.”

Some India social media numbers. Business Standard: “416 million users in India access Facebook every month, out of which 234 million access it every day.” As quoted by the Indian govt a few months ago: “WhatsApp has 530 million users in India followed by YouTube with 448 million users. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have 410 million, 210 million and 17.5 million users, respectively.”

Etienne de la Boétie in 1552-3: [I]t has always happened that tyrants, in order to strengthen their power, have made every effort to train their people not only in obedience and servility toward themselves, but also in adoration.” [via CafeHayek]

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