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Inside the direct-to-consumer wave sweeping India: from Mint. “A frenzy of new-age brands…are trying to sell directly to the consumer (D2C), bypassing traditional marketing and sales channels. You mostly won’t find these brands in stores and you will rarely find a celebrity endorsing them, which means you are not footing the bill for sales commissions or marketing spends. The margins saved on these expenses allow such brands to deliver high-quality products. They then add in a layer of sharp and digitally promoted narrative—around the quality of ingredients, or the community that the produce comes from or the family that owns the business in a way that appeals to the sensibilities of an aware, quality-conscious customer. Throw in sustainable packaging, customized products and prompt delivery and you have the recipe for the consumer trend sweeping India. In categories ranging from electronics, furniture to personal care and lingerie and coffee to cosmetics, D2C brands are shaking things up.

What if everyone’s nutrition was personalised?: from The Economist. “How the mass adoption of personalised nutrition is changing people’s health—and the food industry. An imagined scenario from 2035.”

David Perell: “Writing effectively raises your intelligence by outsourcing your working memory to the page. It’s a little like math class, where teachers rightly tell students to put their ideas on scrap paper. They know that the more you write things down, the more your mind can tackle hard problems. By writing, you outsource your working memory which helps you explore nuance in a way that you can’t do with only your mind.”

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