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Why Subscriptions May Be the Wave of the Future: from NY Mag, an interview with Scott Galloway. “The whole world is digressing to two business constructs. And it’s either iOS, where you pay a premium and you get more privacy, a more elegant solution, kind of the premium — or it’s going to Android, where you get essentially the product for free, and they figure out a way to monetize you as a user. And by the way, the majority of the world picks Android. Two-thirds of the world — 70-plus percent — says, “I love having a free phone. I love having free platforms. And if they mine my data and use it and there’s some externalities, I’ll complain about it. But every day, I vote to go Android…I think we’re going to see increased market share across the iOS-subscription part of the world, even around vouchers and emails. I think individuals are really coming into touch with, or starting to understand, just how negative some of the externalities are, and the extent that they are as individuals being monetized.”

David Perell: “Novice writers try to sound smart, professional writers try to write clearly, and masters try to communicate emotions that stir the reader’s soul.”

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