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The Science of Strong Business Writing: from HBR. “Strong writing skills are essential for anyone in business. You need them to effectively communicate with colleagues, employees, and bosses and to sell any ideas, products, or services you’re offering.”

Adam Grant: “You’re entitled to your own opinion if you keep your opinion to yourself. If you decide to say it out loud, then I think you have a responsibility to be open to changing your mind in the face of better logic or stronger data. I think if you’re willing to voice an opinion, you should also be willing to change that opinion.” [via Farnam Street]

FA Hayek: “In a free society the general good consists principally in the facilitation of the pursuit of unknown individual purposes.” Adds Don Boudreaux:”You and I benefit whenever someone profits from implementing a new and better way to produce existing products, or profits from producing new products. Such profit arises from doing that which is novel – from doing that which no one, in the past, had the foresight to do. Economic (as opposed to accounting) profits earned in markets reveal quite well the monetary value of seizing opportunities that, until the profits were earned, had yet to be seized – opportunities that, indeed, in most cases had yet even to be noticed.”

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