Thinks 183

Don’t dismiss market bubbles — some leave lasting progress behind: by Ruchir Sharma. “For every few dozen flops, there can be companies that provide long-term innovation.”

Santosh Desai: “What makes this yearning for the normal more poignant is that the pandemic does not seem to have a sense of ending about it. It seems to abate only to return unpredictably, with sudden ferocity. We alternate between periods of hope and of despair, and all the while the need for things to become normal becomes that much stronger. Today normal is not boring, it is what we dream about.”

People, the Ultimate Resource: by Atanu Dey. “One of the many contrarian ideas I have is that there are no “natural” resources and that all resources are creations of the human mind. As economist and professor of business administration Julian Simon (1932 – 1998) argued that “the most important of all resources is human beings.” (The Ultimate Resource 2. Page 581). The more humans, he insisted, means more abundance and less scarcity.”

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