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Inside India’s podcast boom: from Hindustan Times. “There are thousands of new podcasts, and millions more are listening. Audio entertainment has seen a surge in the pandemic.” More. And even more from Financial Express.

NYTimes on becoming an outdoor scientist. “Don’t worry: No final exams, or hefty student loans are involved. All you need are a few simple items, and an abiding interest in the wonders of nature…Make your own crystal, Measure a Tree, Make a Constellation Map.”

Atanu Dey: “Poverty is the default state of humanity. People in every part of the world, ever since the birth of species some 250,000 years ago, have lived lives of grinding, unrelenting poverty. It was relatively very recently, just a few centuries at most, that some people became free, and they escaped poverty. Gradually freedom and prosperity spread around the world. Now only those countries that lack freedom are still locked into poverty. India is not prosperous because Indians are not free. Why are they not free? Because they don’t struggle to be free. Why don’t they struggle for freedom? Because they think that they are free. If they understood that they are prisoners, they would struggle, they would gain freedom, and thus escape poverty.”

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