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The Economist on Brazil’s decline: “After the military dictatorship in 1964-85, the country got a new constitution that returned the army to barracks, a new currency that ended hyperinflation and social programmes that, with a commodity boom, began to ease poverty and inequality. A decade ago the country was flush with oil money and had been awarded the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. It seemed destined to flourish. Brazil failed to seize the opportunity…Consecutive governments made three mistakes. First, they gave in to short-termism and put off liberal economic reforms. Second, in their efforts to shield themselves from the fallout of Lava Jato, a huge anti-corruption probe, politicians have resisted reforms that would curb graft. Finally, Brazil’s political system is a millstone.”

Why every student must learn cognitive science: by Vishnu Agnihotri. “Learning about ‘how learning works’ can help students develop more effective learning habits. For example, ‘mind wandering’ is a major issue for students and research shows that being able to focus attention in the first 5 minutes of a study session (‘settling in’ period) increases the ability to focus throughout the session. Chunking information into meaningful groups helps retention. Also trying to ‘retrieve’ what has been learnt (write down or speak what was learnt) is far more effective than reading the content repeatedly, underlining it etc.”

The Real Problem of Social Media Discourse: by Arnold Kling. “It’s not the falsehoods coming from a minority. It’s the bad taste of the majority.”

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