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Andrew Ng in Technology review on AI: “A very frequent mistake I see CEOs and CIOs make: they say to me something like “Hey, Andrew, we don’t have that much data—my data’s a mess. So give me two years to build a great IT infrastructure. Then we’ll have all this great data on which to build AI.” I always say, “That’s a mistake. Don’t do that.” First, I don’t think any company on the planet today—maybe not even the tech giants—thinks their data is completely clean and perfect. It’s a journey. Spending two or three years to build a beautiful data infrastructure means that you’re lacking feedback from the AI team to help prioritize what IT infrastructure to build.”

The top 150 intellectuals, selected competitively: by Arnold Kling, as part of Fantasy Intellectual Teams. Top 5: Joe Rogan, Tyler Cowen, Joel Kotkin, Scott Alexander (pseudonym), Russ Roberts.

Which famous economist are you most similar to?

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