Microns: Making B2C Emails Better (Part 6)

Micron-filled future

An entrepreneur has to imagine tomorrow’s world and make that future happen. I like doing that. So, I decided to look ahead to what is possible.

Microns could be a good complement to the long, rich emails that we get today. Short form mails could be either infinite period (a forever subscription with something new daily) or a finite period (a short duration relationship with a limited number of microns). I can imagine subscribing to many such microns – to know and learn.

We have discussed uses of microns for brand-customer relationships. It has applicability in many other scenarios. New employees in a company could get a 30-day micron sequence telling them the organisation’s history, reinforcing the values, and telling them more about their colleagues. While all this info can be packed into a single orientation session, giving it as a drip marketing in smaller chunks is likely to create a more lasting impact.

Imagine if I can create an agent that watches what I do and auto-subscribes me to the relevant microns. Just searched for the hydrogen energy economy? Here is a 15-day series that tells you more. Clicked on a link about capital allocation? Here is a 10-day series from “The Outsiders” with profiles of CEOs who delivered huge per share returns. Have an exam coming up? Here is a question series that will test you every hour. Just started writing a book? Here is a series with 10 tips which can make you a better author. Just remembered about the poem “Daffodils”? Here are 5 more poems from your childhood which will bring back old memories.

On a long drive or train ride in the countryside? The map starts a micron series telling you more about the places you pass. A bit of history, some geography and some photos or short videos to bring the world around come alive.

An election coming up? You get a micron series telling you more about the candidates, their track record (in governance, in changing parties), and their criminal cases (if any).

In almost all cases, the info is out there and can be found if one searches for it. But do we search? Do we know what to search for? And given the diminishing attention spans, will we read what is shown in one chunky sitting? That’s where the microns with their intelligence, brevity and context can come in. Right time, right place, right length, right info, right price (near zero). Microns are made for the modern world – someone just needs to bring them to life!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.