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Lessons from a year of Covid: by Yuval Noah Harari. “Arguments about what happened in 2020 will reverberate for many years. But people of all political camps should agree on at least three main lessons. First, we need to safeguard our digital infrastructure. It has been our salvation during this pandemic, but it could soon be the source of an even worse disaster. Second, each country should invest more in its public health system. This seems self-evident, but politicians and voters sometimes succeed in ignoring the most obvious lesson. Third, we should establish a powerful global system to monitor and prevent pandemics.”

The Power of the Wandering Mind: from WSJ. “When your mind wanders there’s a distinctive increase in a particular measure called frontal alpha power, which captures a particular type of wave coming from the frontal lobe of the brain. That’s especially interesting because the same brain waves are associated with creative thinking.”

A Few Good Books: by Morgan Housel

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