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8 predictions in technology that will change our lives: by AWS Lead Technologist Olivier Klein.

The Crisis of Venture Capital: Fixing America’s Broken Start-Up System: by Jeffrey Funk. “More than 90 percent of America’s “unicorns”—start-ups valued at $1 bil­lion or more while privately held (before IPOs)—lost money in 2019 or 2020, even though more than half of them were founded over ten years ago. And a similar trend of losses holds for European, Indian, and Chinese start-ups.”

The Virus has Killed the Liberal Order: Atanu Dey, quoting Daniel Hannan. “Let’s acknowledge that capitalist moment, when reason overcame dogma and when ordinary people came to enjoy lifestyles that mediaeval kings could not have dreamt of. It was an achievement made all the more remarkable by the fact that hardly anyone understood or appreciated it. Its beneficiaries remained suspicious and hostile to the end. Only now, perhaps, as we revert to our natural condition, do we appreciate what we are losing.”

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