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Privatisation: But from which PM Modi? by Debashis Basu. “Human memory is short. That alone can explain why many are deliriously happy with his latest slogans and ignore seven years of poor “doing business” climate, taxtortion, extortionate oil prices.”

Just berating babus is a waste of time: by Sunil Jain. “Bureaucrats may stymie what the ministers want, but the only way to fix that is to have sweeping reforms.”

Vaccinating India brilliantly: by Naushad Forbes. “For vaccination too, the approach must be decentralised, and not micro-managed. Having set the rules, the state must step out of the way, and let a thousand flowers bloom. Trust in institutions is critical. Trust hospitals, NGOs, industry, schools, colleges. Everybody has a role to play. Working together, we can run the world’s largest vaccination programme brilliantly. As with testing, no one else will be able to match us for cost or efficiency.”

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Rajesh Jain

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