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On Product-led Growth: “The difference between product-led companies compared with sales-led companies is that they use their product to do the heavy lifting. Instead of paying expensive salespeople to convince executives to sign large contracts, these companies impress the pants off the end user with a free version of the product. The end user then kicks off bottom-up growth by spreading the product within their organisation and creating an internal request for the paid version.”

Protest. Agitation. Movement — Various facets of dissent: As a protest captures popular imagination and becomes a topic of conversation in every home, Financial Express examines the various facets of dissent.

Atanu Dey: “Since India is a socialist country, government control of the economy is by intent and design. Being in government gives one immense discretionary powers — to grant or deny licenses, to block and prevent legitimate economic activity, to extract rents wherever possible. Therefore political power translates into economic power. This politicizes the economy, meaning economic policies are dictated by what is politically expedient or what is most financially rewarding to the policymaker. That leads to poor economic outcomes.Politicization of the economy then leads to the corruption and criminalization of politics because ultimately money determines who wins elections. The lesson here is that corruption is not just an unintended side effect but actually the designed objective of a command and control economy.”


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