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Rise of Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: from WSJ: “After a decade of rapidly falling costs, the battery has reached a tipping point. No longer just for consumer products, it is poised to transform the way the world uses power…Nearly 65% of lithium-ion batteries come from China. By comparison, no single country produces more than 20% of global crude oil output.”

New Book: Think Again, by Adam Grant. from a WSJ review: “In a chapter about the importance of constructive conflict in groups, Mr. Grant cites research which concluded that “the absence of conflict is not harmony, it’s apathy.” But it is no use if everyone is dug in to their positions, resentful of any challenge to their views. The trick is creating an environment where people enjoy an argument, and even see it as part of their job. One must separate conflict over tasks from conflicts in relationships. It’s one thing to have different views and use the heat of disagreement to forge a better solution, but those disagreements cannot turn personal.”

Stratechery on Publishing: “Publishing is back to the future, even if awareness of that reality is not evenly distributed.”

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