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Barry Rosen on making meetings better: “Effective meetings will have a purpose and a process… In addition to creating a meeting agenda, it’s important that it includes a Purpose Statement and Desired Outcomes. The Purpose should answer the question “Why Meet?” Desired Outcomes are brief statements that answer the question, “what will we leave this meeting with?” To get the most out of the agenda, be sure to send it in advance and review it at the start of a meeting, highlighting the Purpose and Desired Outcomes. ”

Hayek on the Impossibility of Designing Society: by Atanu Dey. “The best we can do is to leave society alone and trust in the social processes that create spontaneous order. Every bit of an advanced industrial society is designed — the machines, the tools, the buildings and factories, the cars, ships, planes, roads, ports, whatever — but the advanced industrial society itself cannot be designed. To believe that because we have designed every component material bit of society, we have the power to design society too is to commit a category error.”

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