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Alex Tabarrok on the US: “We will get to herd immunity in 2021…one way or another.” We are probably already there in India! Nitin Pai on why Why India will not see a big second wave of Covid-19.

TN Ninan on manufacturing and services in India’s future: “Perhaps the time has come to acknowledge that India is not going to replicate the export orientation of the East Asian manufacturing story, or even that of Bangladesh. If the country does build manufacturing into a bigger component of GDP, which has been the official objective from 2012, it will be oriented towards the domestic market, and probably high-cost…The story to compensate for this will come from services…The implication for the finance minister is that more fiscal transfers to the bottom tier will become unavoidable, and cannot be funded if concentrated wealth at the top is not taxed.”

Via CafeHayek: “Politicians are not pilots of a ship of state, and yet public rhetoric makes them appear to be just that. Actually, there is little politicians can do actively to promote human flourishing other than secure peace, keep taxes low, and administer justice tolerably well. If they stick to this recipe, they will avoid inserting harm into society. That is the best situation any society can attain.”

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