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Jim Collins: “Most great leaders don’t begin as great leaders. Sure, there are a few weird freaks of nature that seem to be born for leadership, who are fascinating to look at, like some sort of exotic bug. They’re also largely irrelevant; you simply can’t do anything about whether you’re born as one of those weird, freaky bugs. And—this is the crucial point—most exceptional leaders grow into their capabilities. Not because they want to “be” a great leader, but because they’re trying to be worthy of the people they lead. If you want the people with whom you work to improve their performance, first improve your own. If you want others to expand their capabilities, first expand your own.”

Stacey Rudin: “By exploiting our social relationships and turning our peers into a police force, governments make themselves into judge, jury, and executioner. There is not even a right to a fair trial. The end result is a shredded societal fabric, ever-looming ostracism, rampant awkwardness, underground rule-breaking, resentment, frustration, and distrust… Today, they implement a covert replacement for the rule of law, one that subverts our will to theirs with no right of appeal. Tomorrow, they replace democracy.”

The Role of the Market in the Third Way of Entrepreneurship: A conversation with Peter Boettke. “he Third Way of Entrepreneurship steers a middle course between the unregulated pursuit of lower-level interests (laissez-faire) and centralized planning. It’s not as if markets have no role to play, but they must be structured so that the three ingredients of a cultural evolutionary process—selection, variation, and replication—are managed to achieve whole-system goals.”

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