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Economist on looking at China for the future of shopping. “Chinese apps are to 21st-century shopping what American malls were to last century’s.” Social commerce and omnichannel.

On keeping New Year Resolutions. “Focus on one thing, keep it positive and set a time limit.”

Ninan on the pat decade: “Adjusting for relative changes in the rupee’s and yuan’s dollar values, the International Monetary Fund now says China’s economy grew by 146 per cent in the 2010-20 decade while India managed barely a third of that: 52 per cent…India, despite misadventures, a slowdown and now a recession, has actually had a pretty good decade if one judges by plain economic growth. On the other hand, it is worth bearing in mind that some of the smaller economies have done much better. Bangladesh grew faster than China during the decade, while Vietnam nearly matched it.”

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