Building an Enduring Great Company (Part 4)

The Map and a Course

Chapter 6 of BE 2.0 brings together three decades of Jim Collins’ research and multiple books into a single strategy map.

BE 2.0 explains each of these concepts and provides references to further reading across the other books. As I delved deeper, I realised that this was not a “hero’s journey” that I could undertake by myself. I needed to get others on board. And from that seed, I decided to craft a course for Netcore’s leadership team – so that we could read, learn and do together. Here is the course outline I decided on – based on the recommended readings from Chapter 6 of BE 2.0. The one addition that I did to Jim Collins’ works was to add a module on capital allocation from “The Outsiders” by William Thorndike – another book which has had a lasting impact on me. Our class would meet every even week, with the odd week being used for self-reading.

The course will begin shortly – an appropriate adventure to kickstart 2021 and a new journey: to build an enduring great company. In the tech industry that Netcore operates in, it is not easy to survive and thrive against both global giants and nimble startups. My hope is that the very process of setting off on the path to greatness will make us a better people and a better company. And in our small way, it would be a nice homage to Jim Collins and Bill Lazier for their teachings if we can go beyond entrepreneurship to craft Netcore 2.0.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.