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Starting tomorrow (Jan 1, 2021), I will be publishing one more post daily. It will be entitled “Thinks” and will have links to some interesting articles, podcasts, videos or just a quotation to think over. In short, a sharing of a collection of “miscellany” from what I browse daily. It also becomes a repository for me to search interesting stuff that I come across. I look forward to curating this and I hope you will also find it as interesting.

I thought a lot about what I should call it – Misc, Links, Random, Recos. None stood out, and that’s when the word “Thinks” jumped out. And so here we are.

For a long time in the 2000s, I would post 5 summaries every week day of articles I found interesting. I then made it weekly because the daily search became too much. Until it stopped altogether with the blog in 2012.

I hope I can make Thinks a lasting feature on the blog. I will number each edition. Hopefully, that will be another incentives for me to keep going on and on!

PS: I update my blog every day with a new post at 5:30 am India time. I will post the daily “Thinks” at 5 pm India time.

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