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  • E17: Rachmat Kaimuddin, CEO of Bukalapak (Indonesia)
  • E18: Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO of Resulticks
  • E19: Ajay Shah, Economist and Author
  • E20: Gautam Surath, Senior VP, Starcom
  • E21: Rehan Poncha, Olympian Swimmer
  • E22: Anant Goenka, Indian Express
  • E23: Shruti Rajagopalan, Economist


  • E10: Vishakha Singh on Thinking Skills
  • E11: Deepali Naair on Marketing: Past, Present and Future
  • E12: Bibaswan Banerjee on New Ideas in Personalisation
  • E13: Rahoul Anders on Market Intelligence
  • E14: Rohit Raghav on Product Management Canvas
  • E15 and E16: My conversation with Ajay Row on Entrepreneurial Learnings


  • Insight #5: Most watched channels in Hindi states
  • Insight #6: Youth and the Tiktok Ban
  • Insight #7: BJP’s Free Covid Vaccine promise in Bihar
  • Insight #8: Salaried jobs and Diwali spending
  • Insight #9: When did Bihar’s voters decide who to vote for?
  • Insight #10: On people’s expectations from the Covid vaccine
  • Insight #11: Perception about Nitish Kumar on CM after the Bihar elections

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