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Marc Andreessen on the ABC of new tech areas: “Artificial intelligence [AI] is the A. There are all these amazing technologies around deep learning, machine learning, GPT-3 [generative pretrained transformer 3], DALL-E, this new, image-generation thing from open AI, and so forth. Biotech is the B, with genomics and now the mRNA revolution, and the revolution of bringing together the disciplines of biology and engineering. That’s a big hill to climb. And the third, the C, is crypto and Web3, which is a revolution around distributed consensus, building trusted networks on the internet, and all the things that follow from that.”

I recommend a book in Great summer reads: Books AI experts recommend by Mukul Pandya. My reco: Better Data Visualizations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers and Wonks” by Jonathan Schwabish. “I bought it during my recent visit (to the U.S) and have been reading it; it’s very good,” he says. “While AI is all about data and learning, representing it visually is equally important for others to understand it and consume it for making decisions. This book does exactly that. It is a great complement for any AI data scientist.”

Read: Rising Tiger by Brad Thor. This one has much of its action taking place in India.

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