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The Joy of using a Notebook: by Harish Bhat. “Notebooks help you record your thoughts the very moment they occur to you, and you can then keep playing with them, refining them, as you go along…A notebook at your constant disposal encourages you to be creative.”

Create a Digital Commonplace Book: Advice in NYT. “Readers have collected their favorite literary lines for centuries. Now compiling a portable word scrapbook is easier than ever.”

Ben Thompson on memes: ” I was looking to the real world as a guide to understanding the Internet, when it was in fact inevitable that the Internet would, over time, come to impact the real world. Some of that impact will be fleeting, like many of the protests Tufekci documented; some will have short term effects, particularly in places, like Wall Street, that easily translate sentiment into prices. The biggest impact, at least for the next few years, will likely come from memes capturing existing infrastructure, like Trump did the Republican party, and Ocasio-Cortez, to a lesser extent, the Democratic party. The most intriguing people, though, both for the potential upside and the potential downside, are those that leverage memes to build something new.”

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