Vartam Headlines: Your New News Page

In 1997, as part of the IndiaWorld family of portals, I had created It aggregated all the top headlines from various news sites on a single page. It quickly became the start page for millions of Indians globally. Here is how it looked (a partial recreation from 2001).


Since then, we have had Google News which does a very good job of aggregating the headlines. Yet, I missed the Samachar efficiency – headlines organised by source. In a world of disinformation, the source matters.

To fill the gap (in my life, and hopefully yours), we created Vartam Headlines. The focus is not on the newest (for that there is Twitter), but the most important headlines at any point – which means we needed to figure out the design of the news pages and then extract the top stories.

Across 10 main sections, it has almost 100 news sources each with 5 headlines. It is updated every 30 minutes. Hopefully, it can be a time-saver for you to know what’s happening in India and the world, in the language of your choice. I hope this can become your start page daily! The news source matters and that is why Vartam is organised by publication.

Here is a glimpse of the Vartam Hindi Headlines page:

And here is the snapshot of the Vartam Tech Headlines page:


  • We have renamed the microns (micro newsletters/nudges/nuggets) site from MyToday to Vartam Microns. MyToday will become the micron publishing platform.
  • Vartam is the brand we will use for various ideas to give you the best return on time invested!
  • Coming soon: Vartam Stories.