Dynamic Engaging Footers: Email 2.0’s Silver Bullet (Part 6)

A Personal View

For the past three years, I have been writing about new ideas in the world of marketing. One of the themes I have written about has been Email 2.0, underpinned by AMP and Atomic Rewards. The prevailing notion is that email has lost its sheen, giving way to contemporary channels like WhatsApp because consumers have grown indifferent to their inboxes. I ardently contest this perspective. The ebbing popularity of email as a channel stems from neglect. Many marketers have resorted to sending generic, poster-like emails without personalization, and email service providers have stagnated in terms of innovation. Email does not have a champion – neither an individual not a corporate entity.

I am determined to alter this narrative. Email – apart from being an essential tool for Netcore – continues to hold significance for billions of consumers and global brands. It’s synonymous with our primary digital identity, rivalled only by the mobile number. It stands out as the most economical communication and engagement channel for marketers, free from intermediary influences. The void in email’s potential has been the absence of cutting-edge technology and creative vision. Google’s AMP for Email injects the technological vigour, while Atomic Rewards introduces the novelty. Collectively, they herald a paradigm shift, envisioning a redefined email future – Email 2.0 – that breaks away from its conventional past.

My essays weave in tales (like that of Arun and Jeni) to spotlight potential avenues. Coupled with the interactive demos developed in collaboration with my team, they help envision the revolutionary future of a dynamic engagement and commerce platform. The world needs push communications because other than spending big on branding there is no other way to bring customers back to the properties. In fact, Email 2.0 pushes the envelope further: it takes the conversion funnel into the inbox opening new worlds. Inbox Commerce. Inbox Banking. Inbox Trading. Inbox Insurance. Inbox Booking. Anything we can imagine.

Innovation is propelled by imagination, and I harness it at three tiers: expansive writings that delve deep into concepts, demos that offer a glimpse into a futuristic vision, and pioneering products that bridge the gap between imagination and reality. I staunchly believe that email’s golden era isn’t behind us, but ahead. With Email 2.0, fortified by AMP, Atomic Rewards, and our collective ingenuity, we have the arsenal to address every conversion bottleneck hampering brand profitability. The potential is huge: a staggering $200 billion AdWaste market ripe for redirection. If this isn’t a clarion call for email entrepreneurs, what is?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.