Quizzing in Email: An Innovation in the Inbox (Part 4)


I have written many essays about email and innovations like Ems (short emails), AMP (interactive emails) and Atomic Rewards (incentivised emails). We can combine all these ideas to create an interactive quiz email sent daily. The good thing about using AMP is that all the actions can be done right inside the email – eliminating the need for clickthroughs and landing pages. Think of the AMP email as an app (software) inside an email. It is a gamechanger for driving greater engagement within email. Combined with the push feature of emails, we can imagine a new service – let’s call it QuizMails – where quiz emails are delivered daily to our inbox.

Here is an outline of the features of QuizMails:

  • An email is sent daily with three quiz questions. Each question has a timer (few seconds) to ensure that there is not adequate time to do a Google search for the right answer. The questions are custom for every recipient – chosen from a large question bank.
  • Each question is multiple choice with four options – and a fifth “Skip” one. A right answer gets +4, a wrong answer -2, while a skip gets 0. These points can be given in the form of Mu.
  • As soon as one question is answered, the next question shows up in its place. Thus, answering the three questions would take no more than 20-30 seconds.
  • Mu can become the mechanism to unlock additional features: an additional question, an additional email daily, the ability to eliminate one of the wrong options to increase the probability of getting the right answer, and the option to increase the difficulty level of the questions for additional Mu.
  • A leaderboard can bring social recognition. The daily score (Mu earned) and leaderboard position can be shared on social media – and could help QuizMails with virality.
  • The QuizMails platform could then also be used for specialised questions: for test prep, specific verticals, on material read, and so on.

None of us has seen the combo of quizzes that can be answered in our emails. This will be a novelty, and with continuous innovation, has the opportunity to be a game that many of us would like to play. It can also work as a showcase for the richness and immense possibilities of what AMP and Atomic Rewards can do to bring to life the new worlds of Email 2.0 and Loyalty 2.0. A consumer success could encourage more brands to adopt these technologies to build better relationships with their existing customers, cut back on AdWaste, and supersize their profits.

Maybe QuizMails will help us rediscover the joy we experienced as kids and teens. One is never too old to be challenged by a quiz – especially if technology can help remove the friction in the experience.

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Rajesh Jain

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