Martech in 2023 will be the Year of 4PO (Part 1)

Star Wars and 3PO

I had not watched the original Star Wars movies when they were released in the late 70s and 80s. I had also skipped the prequels. I did watch the last three movies released between 2015 and 2019. Because I did not watch the first 6 movies in the series, my appreciation was diminished. It was only recently that Abhishek (my son) and I watched all the 9 movies in the order of the events taking place – and I could then appreciate why the movies have a cult-like following. Our recent interest was triggered by the TV/OTT series Andor.  We like science fiction and have watched both “Foundation” and “The Expanse”. Space holds a special attraction for us. “Star Trek” was a favourite in my growing up years.

Investopedia writes about why the Star Wars movies are so popular:

The numbers for Star Wars testify to its astounding success. Love it or hate it, the Star Wars brand is one of the most successful around, right up there with the ones for most well-known corporations. While it is difficult to quantify and delineate the exact reasons for its enduring appeal, there are some common elements that it shares with all successful businesses.

Just like any other great film, much of the success of the Star Wars franchise is due to its story. On the surface, the Star Wars story premise is that of the classic conflict of good versus evil. Within this core-shell of a story; however, there are several interwoven themes and subplots. The Star Wars story is a mash-up of many dramatic, comic, and action motifs.

For example, there is the parable about the struggle for power between the Jedi underdog and the powerful Imperial army. Luke Skywalker’s relationship with his father traces a dramatic arc. His coming of age evokes wistfulness and resonates with adolescents. The Jedi lightsaber and the Death Star add fantasy and action.

MovieWeb writes: “The themes present in the Star Wars movies have long-lasting relevance. From the political disputes in the galaxy that resemble the state of the U.S. today to the importance of hope and courage and the age-old battle of good and evil, there are lessons within the all the movies that hold value and significance to audience members today, just as they did at the premiere in 1977. All of these elements combined make for an excellent batch of storytelling that transcends time. The galaxy far, far away has remained a quintessential piece of pop culture since its debut over 40 years ago and will likely continue intriguing audiences for generations to come.”

The Cold Wire adds: “People think that there are mottos built into the movie that are intended to be used in everyday life. Whether you believe this or not, there are certainly some things about life and fighting for what you want that will appeal to many people. Those who love Star Wars look quite deeply into the subtext of the movie to be able to use more and more of the wisdom in their daily lives.”

One of the enduring and endearing characters is the humanoid robot, C-3PO, introducing himself as responsible for “human-cyborg relations.” Star Wars Fandom explains: “C-3PO, sometimes [pronounced] See-Threepio and often referred to as Threepio, was a bipedal, humanoid protocol droid designed to interact with organics, programmed primarily for etiquette and protocol. He was fluent in over six million forms of communication, and developed a fussy and worry-prone personality throughout his many decades of operation.”

And so it was that when I started thinking about martech’s future and how it will evolve in 2023, I came up with 4PO: profitability, personalisation, predictions, progency and omnichannel. Before I get to my assessment of the times to come, let us first look at what others have to say.

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