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Kyle Chayka writes about the age of Algorithmic Anxiety: “Interacting online today means being besieged by system-generated recommendations. Do we want what the machines tell us we want?”

Donald Boudreaux: “The liberal market order doesn’t require that I share your particular preferences or dreams, or that you share mine. All that is required by the liberal market order is that each person respects the same rights in others that that person wants others to respect in him or her. The ‘thinness’ of this liberal requirement leaves each of us free to pursue our own individualized dreams without having to secure the approval of others.”

Peter Kafka writes that the newsletter boom is over. “Newsletters, it turns out, are just like blogs and podcasts — they’re super simple for anyone to create. But turning them into something beyond a hobby — let alone turning them into a full-time job — requires talent and sustained effort…The optimistic view is that newsletters allow people to get exactly what they want, bypassing general-interest publications or the morass of social media. The downside is that by appealing to highly engaged niches, newsletters and the people who make them aren’t communicating to the general public — who could stand to get more, not less, news in their lives.”

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