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Ming-Chi Kuo writes on the structural changes coming in the VR/headset industry: “Meta’s slowdown in VR hardware investment is beneficial to other existing VR headset brands. China’s VR industry started slower than overseas markets, but the hardware and content/service markets are growing rapidly. The establishment of the Metaverse Standards Forum favors the industry’s growth. Apple is a game-changer for the headset industry.”

Shane Parish: “You can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, but you can improve your position by sleeping, eating healthy, and working out. You can’t predict what the stock market will do tomorrow, but you can improve your position by ensuring you are never a forced seller. You can’t predict what will happen in your job or life, but you can improve your position by always having a little bit of money on the side. You can’t predict if you will get a promotion, but you can put yourself in a position to get it by acquiring the skills you need before it becomes available. Good positioning lets you control your circumstances. Poor positioning lets your circumstances control you.”

NYTimes on how China is policing its people via an “invisible cage” of technology: “The more than 1.4 billion people living in China are constantly watched. They are recorded by police cameras that are everywhere, on street corners and subway ceilings, in hotel lobbies and apartment buildings. Their phones are tracked, their purchases are monitored, and their online chats are censored. Now, even their future is under surveillance. The latest generation of technology digs through the vast amounts of data collected on their daily activities to find patterns and aberrations, promising to predict crimes or protests before they happen.”

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