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Q&A with geostrategist and Pentagon guru Edward Luttwak. On Putin, Ukraine, China and the US.

HBR: “A data product delivers a high-quality, ready-to-use set of data that people across an organization can easily access and apply to different business challenges. It might, for example, provide 360-degree views of customers, including all the details that a company’s business units and systems collect about them: online and in-store purchasing behavior, demographic information, payment methods, their interactions with customer service, and more. Or it might provide 360-degree views of employees or a channel, like a bank’s branches. Another product might enable “digital twins,” using data to virtually replicate the operation of real-world assets or processes, such as critical pieces of machinery or an entire factory production line.”

Kevin Kelly: “A good futurist focuses on the 3 time phases: past, present, future…The best futurists I know are really keen historians and study the past to see the future. They look carefully at the past because most of what will happen tomorrow is already happening today. In addition, most of the things in the future will be things that don’t change, so they are already here. For example, most of things surrounding you right now are old technologies — wood tables, concrete blocks, water pipes, flooring, electrical wires, wool carpets, etc. They were invented centuries ago, but today they fill 90% of our lives. Maybe only 10% is new stuff. The past is the bulk of our lives, and it will be the bulk in the future. It is highly likely that in 100 years or even 500 years, the bulk of the stuff surrounding someone will be old stuff, stuff that is being invented today. All this stuff, plus our human behaviors, which are very old, will continue in the future. We will be shaped by our long past as animals, as humanoids, as people walking out of Africa. That momentum will continue. Studying the past and its behavior gives us great insight into our future.”

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